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Our goal in the creation of this website is to better inform and raise awareness of the many great aspects of Albanian History.  The somewhat neglect history of Albania and Albanians has proven itself to be most wondrous in historical eloquence and  importance.  A culture that has sometimes been mistakenly labeled as dark and brute, is in fact a most sophisticated and articulate one.  The customs and values of the Albanians are some of the oldest and most influential to its people and to the world.  The intricate Albanian language can be clearly acknowledged for its fluent pace and unique sound.  The complexity of metaphors, meanings, and idioms make for an exquisite expression for the Albanian people.  Albania's enchantment can be felt through its unspoiled environment and an unbelievable natural contrast that can be noticed throughout its tall lustrous mountains, crystal clear lakes, and the deep blue water of its beaches.  Shqipėria, a forgotten pearl in the hands of humanity!  The purpose of this website is to point out the many facts that have been overseen in the pages of history and not given credit to Albanians.  This site will stand as evidence against the many times that Albania is called a dark, rocky land with brute, uncultured people. 

(1500 A.D.- 1912)
The Ottoman Empire created a vast variation in Albanian culture and the adaptation to Ottoman life had important consequences in Albanian history.  This was a time when Albanians thrived and continued to spread their power around the world.

(1944 - 1991)
If one could pinpoint a dark period in the history of Albania it would be under the communist dictatorship of Enver Hoxha.  The end of WWII forced Albania into an escalation toward communism and shaped the darkest 40 years in its history.

(1991 -  beyond)
The rapid development after communism of the Albanian state and the increasing modernization can only be accredited to the Albanians people's immense spirit and pride for their country.

(1912 - 1944)
In the creation of the modern independent Albanian state proved to be a real challenge for the Albanian people.  Yet through the strong leadership of King Zog I, the Albanian People persevered.

(4000 B.C.-1000 A.D.)
Relive the astonishing achievements of the ancient Dorians, Illyrians, Roman and Byzantine Empires.  See the great impact Albanians have had on these important empires and people.

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